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Web Analytics
Web Analytics

To help marketers and other people who need exhaustive information about a web site's interaction with the outside world, we have developed the Web Analytics module. This extraordinary solution allows you to analyze online and offline advertising campaigns, estimate expenses per advertising channel, analyze the site structure and content, obtain extensive information on visitors, and much more.
Most reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Main Features

Web Analytics is a fantastic statistics tool for all site managers and online marketers.

 Real-time statistics
External ad campaigns analysis
ROI of ad campaigns
Site paths and sections analysis
Online visitors monitoring
Site traffic (daily, monthly and custom periods)
Visitors ban
Visitors are detected using IP-to-country and IP-to-city databases
 Statistical charts and diagrams 
Many others

This module offers so many functions and features that you could drown in them if we named them all. Briefly, you can:

 gather and view real-time statistics;
track real-time statistics without the need of helper images, buttons or code in your pages;
use different criteria to sort visitors by advertising campaigns: advertising campaign identifiers; referrer sites; search engine; target pages; country; user; IP subnet; etc.
   analyse advertising campaigns:
   Statistical data
   Number of hits, new and unique visitors, unique hosts, page views, favorite pages; new and returning visitors, advertising campaign dynamics with graphs; visitors per day; traffic; attentiveness.
   Attention to content
   Viewed sections and pages; dynamics of viewed pages and sections; entrance and exit points; site paths, path sections.
   Events (allows registration of any user action on a site)
   File downloads; link and banner clicks; partners' registration; response forms; adding items to cart; purchases; participation in polls; forum posts, etc.
   Financial indexes
   Costs; returns; profit; ROI; cost per click (CPC); cost per visitor.
   analyze site paths and sections path: period, number of pages in path, first page, last page, any page, advertising campaign etc.;
   analyze page and section traffic: period, section, advertising campaign, other parameters specified in the filter;
   analyze entrance and exit points;
   overall daily site traffic;
   site statistics summary showing information for today, yesterday, 2 days before: hits, hosts, sessions, events, visitors (new, total, etc.); 10 most active advertising campaigns etc.; send the statistics summary via email;
   keep hit information: URL, hit ID, session ID, date and time, source, visitor, IP address, IP country, UserAgent, HTTP method, cookie;
   track 404 requests;
   store visitor profiles (unique ID; sessions; events initiated by a visitor; hits; visit info: target site, advertising campaign, date and time, source, first page, last page, hits etc.; country of IP address; UserAgent; browser languages; cookies);
   monitor online visitors;
   ban visitors (add to stop list) by one or more criteria: IP address and/or network, UserAgent, referral site, target page, target site;
   analyze referral site;
   analyze search engines:
   indexing graph;
   identify search robots by the UserAgent field;
   identify clicks from search engine pages;
   option to track indexed pages (SE hits) for a single robot;
   view detailed information about the robot in table form; export in Excel format.
   automatic SE recognition system for the replenishment of a search engine table;
   analyze search phrases that visitors use to find the site;
   event registration technology - works with financial or other events;
   event type registry (an event type is the unique combination of the identifiers event1 and event2 to which an event ID is matched);
   analyze specific events; filter information by any parameter using complex logical commands; export data in Excel format;
   import events from CSV files using file handlers; the standard package includes handlers supporting the following distributors: Share-it, Element 5, RegNow, RegSoft;
   enter events manually with an option to set the event type;
   constantly updated IP-to-country database;
   view country-based visitor dynamics to analyze daily values (number of visitors per day from various countries); view this data in the form of a graph (with the x-axis as the timeline);
   export any information from the module in Excel format for further analysis;
   session emulation technology for visitors who do not accept cookies;
   precise registration of file downloads and events; protection against fraudulent counters;
   ability to customize the statistics system to store only the required amount of information to optimize system performance;
   many more features.

Examples of graphs and reports

Users Online
Advertising campaigns
Site traffic graph
Advertising campaign graph
The Web Analytics module can display diagrams of event types. This chart displays percentage of the event types that took place on the site. This makes it easy to find actions most often performed by users on the site.
The visitor reports can be displayed on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.
New visitors hourly
New visitors daily
New visitors monthly
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