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Site Explorer
Site Explorer The Site Explorer is an integrated solution that allows viewing and editing of static site content. This is a staple of CMS, but efficient content management is much more than just a powerful visual HTML editor.
Main Features

The Site Explorer features:

Fast and intuitive HTML editor
 Site structure management
Adaptive user interface
Admin toolbar
Access permissions
Dynamic content management
Website optimization (SEO)
Grammar and spell check
Audio and video on site pages, in blogs and forums
Media Library for convenient media data management
The Site Explorer is used to:
manage site structure: copy, move, delete, and create files and sections via the web interface;
 quickly access frequent operations directly from the public section via the site control toolbar;
create and edit pages with the visual HTML editor;
assign inheritable access permissions for files and sections to user groups;
create and manage the site menu: edit, add, and delete menu items; add new menu types;
create and manage navigation chains;
highlight and quickly access editable areas;
check spelling and grammar in the visual editor;
upload files and images to a server from a local machine;
optimize the site for search engines: provide support for meta tags and the properties of your site’s pages and sections;
define page keywords for advertising targeting;
add snippets to the HTML editor for quickly managing routines;
add audio and video files to web pages and blog posts.
Managing site structure :
In the Control Panel, the site structure is rendered as a file manager with folders and files.
The Control Panel showing the Site Explorer
You can edit a current page, create a new section or edit a menu via the Control Panel web interface or from the public section by using the site control toolbar commands.
Site control toolbar :
You can start editing information directly from the site public section by using the toolbar commands.
The toolbar buttons allow you to edit documents in both simple mode and through the workflow module:
create a new section
change the section settings
create a new page in simple mode
edit current page in simple mode
create a new page with the workflow module
edit current page with the workflow module
view revision history of the current page
add an information block
add a group to an information block
add an element to an information block
edit information block
edit the information block section
edit the information block element
view revision history of an information block
go to list of forums in the administrative section
edit the forum parameters
show link clicks statistics of this page
show page traffic
log out
The toolbar contains the following tabs:
Public section - switch to the site view mode
Edit site - switch to the include area editing mode
Control panel - switch to the administrative section
The control toolbar is invisible to and cannot be accessed by common visitors. Only an authorised visitor having sufficient permissions can use it. Certain buttons may be disabled or removed from the toolbar if a user does not have enough permissions for operations that these buttons perform. Administrators can customise the control toolbar by adding buttons facilitating editing any site content. For example, you might want to add a button to edit news or product description etc.
Access permission :
Folder access permissions
Configuring permissions allows you to regulate user groups' access to files and catalogs of a site. The following permissions can be assigned to a user group:
deny – user cannot view information of a page or section;
read – user can view the file or section contents;
workflow – includes the read permission and allows you to create and edit files via the workflow (according to the module settings);
write – includes the read and workflow permissions and allows you to immediately create, edit, copy, and move files and sections;
full access – includes the read, workflow, and write permissions. Users with full access can also change permissions to files and sections of other users;
Inherit - the selected files and folders will be given the same access permissions as the parent folder.
All access permissions are inheritable. If a section is copied or moved, it will retain all permissions assigned to it.
Include areas :
By choosing the  Edit site tab on the control toolbar, you can highlight editable areas (menu, navigation chain, banners etc. These areas display buttons that, when clicked, open a form in which you can edit the area content.
HTML editor :

The HTML editor can be used with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Among other features, the editor implements split editing mode (two panes: the upper showing the design view, and the lower containing the HTML code).

HTML editor
Split editing mode
The HTML editor empowers you with a strong tool allowing to:
edit the web page contents in browser;
format web page text using a set of basic commands similar to those of the Microsoft Word;
format text using styles defined in a CSS file of the current template
insert hyperlinks into web page text
create event-driven links (allowing to view statistics of visitor clicks, downloads and other on-site activity)
upload images from a local machine and insert them in your web pages
use web page HTML templates
edit web page properties: title for search engines, keywords, author, description and any other
edit the HTML code leaving the overall design of a site consistent
Dynamic content in pages :
The visual HTML editor allows to quickly add any dynamic content to your pages by dragging and dropping the required visual component. The system offers a variety of visual components:
web forms: web form, web form results etc.;
e-Store: shopping cart (for current user), simple shopping cart, link to a cart with the number of items
polls and surveys: survey form, survey result chart, list of surveys
forum: forum topics etc.
helpdesk: list of tickets, new ticket etc.
newsletters: subscription form etc.
information blocks: list of information block elements, customisable list of information block elements etc
commercial catalog: catalog contents etc.
many other useful components.
Adding a web form to a site
Users are free to create custom components.
Web site optimization :
If you use Qtellwebdesign Site Manager for web project optimization, you do not have to change the web page code yourself or even ask for assistance from a professional. Qtellwebdesign Site Manager makes it easier than ever. All it takes is a click of one button on the control toolbar. By simply clicking this button you are now able to add new key words, change your web page title or description, and more
Qtellwebdesign Site Manager will help you change and add page properties easily. This feature will help your web site be on the top of the search results. Qtellwebdesign Site Manager will highly increase your web page’s ability to be relevant to the search queries. To make your document correctly optimized for the search engines you may add different page properties (for example: "Site author") and change them according to your needs. Setting up the page properties allows you to not only to control the meta tags of the page (e.g. Keywords, Description, etc.), but also add individual data for each page, such as images, additional subtitles, and more.
Grammar and spelling check :
New version features using the grammar and spelling check in the visual HTML editor (by clicking Spelling and Grammar button). The spelling checker uses the MS Office engine for spelling check. All you need is to have MS Office installed, and add your site to the list of trusted sites. You can use the grammar and spell check in the real time.
The HTML editor can be used with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Among other features, the editor implements split editing mode (two panes: the upper showing the design view, and the lower containing the HTML code).
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