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Main Module
Main Module The Main module is the foundation of the system. It is the glue that holds other modules together hence providing the interactive nature of the system architecture. The Main module allows you to create, maintain and manage an unlimited number of web sites (see details).
Main Features
The Main module is a system core.

It is responsible for the following important features:

Multisite support
 Multilanguage support
UTF-8 support
Automatic registration prevention (CAPTCHA)
Automatic site map
Site wizards
Windows-style user interface
Control Panel management
Security policy
The Main module features include:
support for multiple sites – the system can support multiple sites based on one product installation
 multiple domains – the system for an unlimited number of domains (of any level) for each site created;
 shared authorization system for all sites;
 unlimited number of user groups;
 unlimited number of registered users, membership in multiple groups;
 group-based assignment of responsibilities and access permissions;
 simplified template management system; each template can have its own design, set of components, public scripts and other elements;
 unlimited number of templates that can be applied them to one or more sites
 site templates that can be edited in WYSIWYG editor;
 ability to apply different templates to each site in the system;
 multilingual Control Panel interface;
 native UTF-8 support;
 automated software updates through the use of SiteUpdate technology;
 multiple servers: ability to use a separate web server for each site while sharing a single database;
 module management system;
 e-mail message templates to send messages when an event occurs (new forum post, subscription request, registration information retrieval etc.);
 temporary lock option on the public section;
 verification of conformance to technical requirements and file system access permissions;
 fast dynamic content technology;
 dynamic information caching technology;
 programming interface (API) to create and connect custom modules;
 exporting of data from Control Panel reports to MS Excel ;
 group operations on report elements (deleting, activation, and etc.);
 SQL queries to the database;
 external authorization. The login and password can be verified locally using a custom algorithm, or on a remote server (the package includes an example of external authorization for PHP, BB and Invision forums);
 sharing authentication among different site domains
 user-defined event handlers;
 individual user interface customization - default filter fields, element display mode (table, list or icons), report table columns, default report table sorting, mouse behavior, etc.);
 gradual update system;
 support for SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs;
 HTML caching mechanism;
 easy-to-follow wizards.
Windows-style User Interface
Windows-style User Interface facilitates content creation and editing work:
Site Edit Mode separates content managing routines from development tasks
  Content Editing Mode
  Content Editing Mode
  Design and Configuration Mode
  Design and Configuration Mode
Content editing tasks can be performed directly on pages in pop-up layers (both for static pages and dynamic content);
  Content editing tasks can be performed directly on pages in pop-up layers (both for static pages and dynamic content)
Start Button give quick access to all site management tools.
  Start Button give quick access to all site management tools.
Control Panel :
Control Panel
The Control Panel provides fast access to necessary control sections. It offers five functionally complete groups: Content, Services, e-Store, Web Analytics and Settings.
Pop-up hints will help you get acquainted with the system management tools. To get more information about the current page, you can use the context help that can be viewed by clicking the button the control panel toolbar. You can also send a request to the Qtellwebdesign company techsupport service.
Control Panel
Site Configuration Wizards :

The site creation and configuration wizards are special user interface solutions with a series of steps that a user performs to configure Qtellwebdesign Site Manager according to the required tasks.

Site Configuration Wizards
Site Configuration Wizard

allowing to prepare the site for publication. Users can choose the layout, design, colors; specify initial data such as company name, contacts, logo etc. The e-Store configuration wizard allows to configure the invoice templates, stamp images, payment systems, delivery services.

Easy-to-follow Wizards :
Easy-to-follow Wizards
e-Store Wizard makes adjusting the settings of an e-Store as easy as pie. Web Page and Section Creator is a wonderful virtual assistant in web content management.
Security policy :

The security policy is a set of rules allowing to restrict user authorization to provide a website with a particular security level.

The following security rules are available:
session IP mask - with this protection on, theft of a cookie file containing the session information becomes useless. This type of protection is the most effective in struggle against XSS/CSS attacks.
maximum session lifetime - limits the maximum session duration. This protection is used to avoid incorrect session lifetime settings in the php.ini file.
maximum lifetime of stored authorization. This protection makes any XSS/CSS attacks ineffective. This protection makes theft of authorization data stored on a personal computer useless. All data are generated randomly and do not contain the current computer IP address or any traceable cryptographic information.
maximum number of authorisation storages – this rule define the number of computers on which the authorized sessions of a single user can be stored. For site administrators, the value of 1 is recommended
checkword timeout - defines the maximum time during which the password recovery control word is stored; it allows to minimize risks of site attacks via the recovery mechanism by intercepting e-mails.

Security rules are applied to user groups. System administrators can define security rules manually or using of the predefined security levels (High, Medium or Low). By default, the High level is used for system administrators. For users ascribed to several groups the strictest rule for each security aspect is chosen.

File integrity check :
The file integrity check allows to verify whether the system files are safe and sound or not. To use this function, you have to enter a unique keyword (known only to you) and calculate the check sum of all files. The keyword is not stored anywhere.
Automatic registration prevention :
The Main module supports the essential feature aimed to prevent unauthorized registrations - CAPTCHA (completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart). If CAPTCHA is enabled, a user must enter a string with the displayed random symbols to register.
Automatic registration prevention
This method ensures that the forum forms will not be abused by robots that are not capable to recognise text on images.
Caching :
The mechanism has been developed to reduce the server load by saving results of the database requests.
Automatic Site Map :
The unique site map generator helps you keep your site map up-to-date. The Site Map always contains only files and folders that the current visitor is permitted to view.
Automatic Site Map
Multilanguage support :
Support for multiple languages enables you to easily publish information in many languages. The Control Panel user interface can be rendered in any available language. Currently, several interface languages are available.
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