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e-Store Module

The e-Store module enables you to organize online sales of products and services on the Internet, create an e-store, and effectively manage electronic channels of sales and distribution

Main Features

Main Features of the SEO Module:

The e-Store module includes the following functional elements:
 shopping cart;
ordering and check-out;
customer personal section;
administration section.
Main e-Store features:
Full-featured cart of products and services
   Affiliate management
   Discount system
   Delivery calculation (DHL, UPS, and FedEx courier services are included)
   Integrated payment systems (credit cards, PayPal, Authorize.Net, WorldPay)
   Automatic e-mail notifications to customers and e-store owners
The shopping cart main features are:
an unlimited number of product items;
 when items are added to a cart, item-specific pricing profiles determine cost and delivery configuration of those specific items;
 ability to define and show the ordered items' properties (e.g. weight, colour, package dimensions, etc) and pass the properties from the cart to the order;
 customers can change the details of the order directly in the cart;
 items can be saved in the cart for ordering later;
 delete products from the cart;
 customization of the cart standard algorithm according to the type of e-shop.

The ordering process allows:

making orders using the wizard in one of the following predetermined methods: 1) a four-step process for items delivered physically and 2) a two-step process for services and content;
 automatic calculation of the order value including quantity, exchange rate, discounts and delivery expenses;
 storing a copy of all information required for processing of the order, such as: total order cost and prices of individual items, exchange rate, delivery charges, discounts, and exact item titles and details;
 setting up a registration system for customers and dealers so that they can enter their personal section for quick ordering;
 setting up a customer registration procedure using any of three methods: 1) users are required to register and log into their account for authorization before ordering; 2) if an order is placed by a unregistered user, a username and password will be automatically generated and sent upon ordering; 3) mixed mode - a user can select either self-registration or leave the registration process to the site;
 automatic verification of a customer e-mail at the time of ordering;
 sending e-mail notifications to customers and the e-store administrator; customization of e-mail templates;
 customization of any of the available order processing modes according to the e-store preferences.
Using the features of the customer and dealer personal sections, you can:
authorize users by requiring them to log in to access the personal section; use the unified authorization engine;
 track changes in order status in the personal section;
 check the status of order payment: Yes/No; dealers can arrange for their products to be dispatched prior to payment;
 receive e-mail notifications about changes in the status of orders and payments;
 cancel orders;
 duplicate a previous/standard order by a customer (dealer) - which adds all of the items previously ordered to the cart (from here, the customer can place the order or alter it);
 search for orders in the personal section by code, date, state or country of residence, payment method, shipping method, or other attribute;
 edit shipping profiles;
 edit user profiles and user or dealer personal data: name, e-mail, user name and password, personal information, and so on.
The e-store administrative section enables you to:
enter the legal and commercial information of the e-store;
 choose the transaction currency which will be used for making orders, regardless of the catalog currency;
 automatically convert the product currency to the e-store transaction currency;
 create any number of stages that an order must complete during processing;
 create an unlimited number of locations and location groups for delivery area management;
 download locations from the Qtellwebdesign official site;
 introduce an unlimited number of payer types for each site; for example: personal, legal entity, private enterprise owners, partners, club members, etc.;
 set up an unlimited number of order properties and property groups for each payer type;
 define mandatory properties required for making an order as well as properties of special types (location, e-mail, etc.). By placing properties in groups, customers are given a better overview of the information they should provide for successful orders;
 customize a discount system by order value; a discount can be as a percentage or a fixed amount;
 customize the taxation system depending on the payer type and location;
 include taxes in the product price or add them to the price when processing an order (depending on the payer). This allows you to specify different VAT rates for different countries (for example: those which conform to European Union regulations);
 allow tax exemptions for selected customer groups;
 introduce any number of payment methods depending on the payment currency (using various types of payment systems);
 attach an individual processing script to each payment system;
 arrange for automated reception of order status from various payment systems;
 use preset payment systems:
 payment by cash on delivery (COD);
 credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD, etc.);
 Web Money;
 bank transfer;
 wire transfer;
 postal money order;
 forward payment;
 Payflow Pro; PayPal;
 WorldPay .
Contact us to suggest adding other popular payment systems to the existing list.
 set up delivery service rates and make them dependent on the delivery terms and methods, order weight and value, location, and site used for ordering;
 use popular delivery service handlers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc;
 keep a united order database for all stores;
 set the order attribute "Paid": Yes/No and track persons who make changes in payment status;
 set the order attribute "Delivery approved": Yes/No; track persons who make changes in payment status;
 set the order status to one of the predefined values: Accepted, Processing, Delivered, etc;
 inform customers of changes in order status via e-mail or in their personal section;
 support customer common profiles for multiple sites which enables ordering by a single credential on numerous sites;
 support customer common cart for multiple sites with separation of items among sites;
 create independent stores for each site;
 print hard copies of documents such as invoices, order forms, and receipts;
 make an unlimited number of custom hard copy templates;
 attach a custom callback function for price and inventory details when the visitor calculates the shopping cart;
 attach a custom callback function for item reservation at the time of cart calculation;
 automate reception of payment status for automatic shipping approval;
 distribute access permissions among employees;
 transaction-based system - money flows are registered in the transaction table;
 subscription renewal - credit card numbers can be stored (only in the encrypted form) for automatic subscription renewal;
 export orders to MS Excel;
 e-mail messages - the system can send a message to users when the order status change;
 track affiliate sales and calculate the affiliate commission.

Affiliate management

The e-Store of Qtellwebdesign Site Manager offers support for fully functional affiliate networks. Affiliates can benefit from referred clients; their commission can be derived from the number of products sold or the total value of affiliate orders.

Full-featured cart of products and services

Each item placed in the cart can be described by any number of parameters (properties). If an item with a callback function is added, the availability of the item is checked while other functions of the shopping cart are being performed. The callback function is set automatically if an item is added from Commercial Catalog.

Discounts system

The discount management system allows creation of several discount levels depending on the total order value. Discounts can be defined both in percentage and fixed values. The discount is calculated according to the total order value excluding the delivery cost.


Delivery system allows setting parameters to define the delivery cost. The calculation of delivery cost accounts for the settings for different locations which are specified by the e-Store administrator. For example, delivery zones can be divided by cities, regions, countries, etc. The number of zones is not limited. Moreover, the delivery cost can be also calculated according to the total order cost and weight. The e-Store includes sub-modules for easy integration with popular handlers such as UPS, DHL, FedEx etc. The delivery cost is calculated automatically using the data from the service provider.

Automatic calculation of the order cost

The total order cost consists of the following components: the sum of all the products and services in the order, deliver cost, and taxes and discounts (if applicable).

Payment systems

The interface in the payment system can be built to initiate payment by electronically or to print the required documents for payment by other (non-electronic) means. The number of payment system templates is not limited. A range of pre-set payment system templates is supplied with the e-Store installation program, and support for the Assist (credit cards, WebMoney) payment system, printing receipts, etc is also included. All the payment system templates require customization before being used.

Order properties

When an order is being placed, the system prompts the customer to provide a certain set of parameters (order properties) required to identify the item(s) purchased and to complete delivery. These properties are defined by the site administrator and can vary according to the customer and order type.

Customer personal section

In this section, the customer can view all his orders, cancel a new order, copy orders to make recurring orders, print payment documents or repeat a payment procedure by electronic means, review order statuses, or review and change his or her customer profile.

Administrative section for order processing

Orders pass through stages shown by checkboxes: Paid, Cancelled, Delivery accepted and statuses (Accepted, In process, Shipped, Delivered, etc). The number and names of status types can be customized.

Checkboxes and statuses can be set independently from each other. For example, it's possible that the order is not paid yet but its delivery is already accepted, or an order may be paid but its delivery is not yet accepted. The order status is intended for informing the customer and the e-Store manager about the current state of the order.

List of orders
The status of electronically paid orders can automatically updated. If the payment system indicates that the order has been paid, and the payment amount is equal to the order’s total cost, the Paid checkbox in the order will be automatically checked.

Mail messages

Creating new orders, changing existing orders and cancelling orders are all accompanied by confirmation email messages to the customer and to the e-Store sales department. The e-mail address of the sales department is defined in the e-Store settings.
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